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What we do


Kingsland Farm, 500 Ha Contract Farming Agreement with Waddesdon Estate LLP

Management and Advisory

We provide regenerative farm management and advisory services to landowners, supporting their journey to put intensively farmed land on the path towards biodiversity, soil health and profitability. 


Our experienced farm management team works with landowners, and estate and farm managers to design holistic regenerative cropping plans, complimented by ambitious stewardship schemes that maintain and improve profitability while realising sustainability goals. 


Kingsland Farm: 500 Ha Contract Farming Agreement with Waddesdon Estate LLP (Above photo)



Colleymore Farm, 300 Ha leased farm in Oxford

Farm Leasing / Investing

We lease and invest in degraded farm land to operate, restore and protect natural capital for future generations. 


We aim to build a portfolio of regenerative farm hubs and work with investors who share the view that our agricultural systems can be a solution to our climate, biodiversity and health crises.


Wildfarming Co.


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We are actively looking for partners who share our vision of changing the landscape of agriculture. Our hope is that you will join us on this journey.

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