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Scaling Regeneration

Conventional agriculture is a major contributor to our global climate, biodiversity and health crises. 

Carbon Emissions

Food and agriculture production contributes 25–35% of global annual GHG emissions


The UK has lost almost half of its biodiversity since the 1970s

Water Quality

Runoff from agriculture is responsible for 40% of the damage to UK waterways
Our Regenerative Farming System

Restores Biodiversity

By introducing multiple plant species and minimising soil disturbance our system increases the biodiversity above and below ground

Sequesters Carbon

The IPCC estimates that agricultural soils have the potential to sequester up to 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon annually

Improves Water Quality

Healthy soil can store as much as 3,750 tonnes of water per hectare, the equivalent of one and a half Olympic swimming pools
We do this in two ways:
Management & Advisory
We offer landowners management and advisory services, helping them profitably achieve their sustainability goals.
Leased/Owned & Operated Farms
We lease and invest in degraded farm land to operate, restore and protect the natural capital for the long term.

Can we produce food that restores and protects our soils at the same time?


Can we solve our health crisis by adding nutrients back into our food?


Can we do all of this in a commercially exciting way?

These were the questions at the heart of over a decade of experimentation undertaken by Wildfarming Co. co-founder Andy Cato.


Resulting in a farming system that combines the best of nature with precision technology to reintroduce biodiversity in to arable fields while producing a robust yielding crops without use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

Restoring the soil for generations to come

Andy Cato — Wildfarming Co. Co-founder


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